Create with me

Intuitive design, Queer Mystic style! Co-creation at its best.

I create powerful channeled codes infused with the energy of your soul (and your business or your project – or a combination of all the above) to help you really embody your offers and radiate your gloriousness out into the world!

They can be used for your branding or book cover, to decorate your home (physical or digital – or both), or even as a tattoo!


Sacred geometry code for 12 December 2022 by Esther Lemmens
Symbols from 11-11-2022, arranged vertically with chakra colours behind them
Heart sacred code
Light language channeled on 15-07-2022 with the words Trust, Receive, Unite, Amplify in the corners
June solstice 2022 light language symbols

Want one for yourself?

Book design

I also offer book cover design, typesetting, and ebook formatting.

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