Welcome, fellow writer.

Just like you, I feel a deep urge to express myself. To create more beauty in the world.

The way writing and design come together in a book is unlike anything else.

Which is why I adore creating books. Not just designing books. Or typesetting books.

I mean creating beautiful printed books.

A stack of books that Esther has designed or been a part of

I’m all for digital books (they have many advantages) but you just can’t beat holding an actual-3D-reality-tangible book in your hands. Feeling the texture of it. Taking in the scent of it. Isn’t it just wonderful? There’s nothing quite like it.

What’s also rather wonderful is being a part of getting someone’s passion out into the world, and making sure the visuals match that passion.

Nothing (well, not much) saddens me more than seeing someone spending years – sometimes decades – perfecting their manuscript, which is based on their life’s work, their purpose, and then they don’t invest (or can’t invest) in making it look as professional as the content is.

Now, I’m not going to bullshit you – this is costly. You will either spend time or money on this process. But it is so worth it! I’m always creating more free and low cost resources for authors – you can find those on the Resources page. If there’s something you need or want and it’s not there, let me know!

Above are some of the books I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to. For some, I only designed the cover; for some, only the inner pages. For others, I was involved in the whole book; designing the layout, typesetting, formatting, and cover design. I’ve also drawn maps and created custom icons.

What I love is that they are all very different. Individual; like the author. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach – I tune into each book project and feel into the energy of it. That then translates into visuals. It’s a beautiful co-creation.

Book Creation Services

Specialist Limited Edition Book Design

Wow your audience and fundraiser contributors with a beautiful limited edition of your book!

Creating artwork for specialised print finishes, like embossing or foil, or bundles such as box sets, requires specialist skills. With 25 years’ design and artworking experience with a focus on multilingual food packaging, I’ve learned a thing or two!

Custom Price – get in touch to see how I can help you bring your vision to life!

Book cover icon in blue

Book Cover Design

From £444

Print book icon in blue

Book Interior Design, Typesetting & Formatting

Hardback or paperback

From £888

Ebook icon in blue

Ebook Formatting

From £444

Choose what you need and build your own package!

Wanna get started without spending a lot?

Visit the RESOURCES PAGE for free and low-cost design templates and guides!

What clients say (‘zestimonials’ 😉 )

Picture of 'Bernadette' (a crop from the cover of the book)
Escape to Simisu

“My book simply wouldn’t exist without Esther. She made the whole process from my manuscript, right up to getting it on to Amazon, incredibly easy. Her work is always high quality…she clearly cares about getting out a book you love.”

Book cover of 'Escape to Simisu' by Bernadette
Complete book design
August 2021 & 2023 (2nd ed.)
Deniz Paradot (a client)
Deniz Paradot
Move Life Better

“Esther is always my #1 go-to for graphic design and her friendliness, professionalism and reliability makes my life so much easier. It is refreshing to work with someone who can express the ideas I have in my mind and convert them into visual design.”

Book cover of 'Move Life Better' by Deniz Paradot
Complete book design
March 2020
Holly Worton (a client)

“The entire process of determining the design and the fonts was really smooth and easy, and Esther added some beautiful creative touches to it by designing custom icons for each type of tree. I absolutely loved the final product.”

If Trees Could Talk workbook cover
Inner pages design

Do you have a book to release into the world?

I’d love to hear all about it. Let’s have a cuppa!

More zestimonials

Ben Dean (a client)

“You made my book look really sexy, I’m so pleased with how it turned out, I cannot thank you enough. I’m proud to promote it.”

Uncover Satan Recover Thyself book cover
Inner pages redesign
March 2019
Ange de Lumiere (a client)
Ange de Lumiere
My Father Who Art In Heaven

“Look at the beautiful cover you have made for my memoir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

My Father Who Art In Heaven book cover
Book cover design
November 2019
Bob Goddard (a client)
Bob Goddard
Mother Moon

“The second book you designed for me is even better than the first! ‘Mother Moon’ has an awesome front and back cover that I’m proud to display anywhere. The formatting and design of the inside pages is second to none.”

Mother Moon book cover
Complete book design

Free resources

Image of free guide 'Amazon KDP Prep Sheet' created by Esther


Amazon KDP Prep Sheet

Are you about to publish your first ebook on KDP? Exciting!!

There are a few things to consider in addition to simply uploading your manuscript and cover, though.

This is a handy FREE 8-page PDF guide that takes you through all three sections of the KDP ebook upload system in detail, with an interactive page to keep all the essential information (title, categories, keywords, description) together, to make actually getting your book published easier and faster.

(And it contains handy tips Amazon doesn’t tell you, or takes time to find!)


Image of free ISBN fact sheet created by Esther


ISBN Fact Sheet

Puzzled about ISBNs? Do you need one or not?

Find out the what and how in this handy fact sheet.


You can find more free resources in my shop.

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