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Cheers πŸ™‚ and welcome to my online home. I’m Esther (aka zesty).

If you’re anything like me, your work in the world is personal. It’s a calling from beyond. You may find it hard to explain or communicate – except to those like-minded magical folks who just get it. (hi πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹)

So, I understand it can be tricky to work with a designer who gets you. Who connects to that part of you and your business. Who understands that your logo or book needs to have that special something. You want it to really speak to your soul – and to the souls of those you’re connecting with.

You’ve always been intuitive, and highly sensitive. Right? But like myself, it may have taken you some time to reconnect to that side of you. And now you have, isn’t life magical? Don’t you wanna sprinkle that everywhere?! I know I do!

In 2020, when the world shut down, I was nudged to do a channeling course. “A what now?!” my mind objected. But it was decided. My soul had the upper hand (at last). Best. Decision. Ever.

And it doesn’t stop there (it never does, really).Β Imagine my surprise when I suddenly started receiving symbols.

I didn’t know what they meant. I didn’t know what I was meant to do with them. But I knew I had to follow that path. So I doodled down everything that landed.

And then it was like some of them started to light up. They wanted to be seen. Not that I did πŸ˜‰ but they sure did.

I followed that energy, and here we are. I’m finally doing work that feels aligned to me in ways nothing else ever has.

What I want for us mystics, healers, creatives and intuitives is to do OUR work, on our OWN terms. Less hustle & grind, more joy and play!

And I would love to help you amplify your work. To really embody it. To SUPERCHARGE it!!

NEBOH symbol, 24 Aril 2024, in white on an aqua/green background, by Esther Lemmens


24 April 2024

This is another symbol with a name: NEBOH (pronounced neh-boch – as in loch). It has the Neptune/trident energy, as well as a soft floral energy.

All my symbols and codes are available to purchase as prints for your wall, to use as a crystal grid, to meditate with, or they can be adapted for tattoos. You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.
Divine Feminine United symbol, 8 Aril 2024, by Esther Lemmens
Unlocking the throat chakra symbol, February 2024, by Esther Lemmens
Lemuria symbol, shared January 2024
Solace symbol – for the 11/11 portal, 2023
September 22nd, 2023 symbol in white on a black and rainbow background. The 7 chakras glow in their colours.
August 10th, 2023 symbol in white on a gradient background, outward from blue to purple to red to orange
Lion's Gate (8/8) 2023 symbol in white on an orange background with a golden glow
Mary Magdalene & Dragon symbol, 22 July 2023
Balancing Receiving and Giving symbol – received on June 1st, 2023
Sacred Union symbol – received on May 29th, 2023.
Sacred Geometry symbol/code download 'KLELARA' on purple background, 20 March 2023, by Esther Lemmens – Queer Mystic
Sacred Geometry symbol/code download 'ESHARA' on pink background, 20 January 2023, by Esther Lemmens – Queer Mystic
Sacred Geometry symbol/code download, gold on black background, 29 December 2022, by Esther Lemmens – Queer Mystic
Sacred Geometry symbol/code download 'HEPTAA' on blue background, 14 December 2022, by Esther Lemmens – Queer Mystic
Symbols from 11-11-2022, arranged vertically with chakra colours behind them
Heart sacred code
Light language channeled on 15-07-2022 with the words Trust, Receive, Unite, Amplify in the corners
June solstice 2022 light language symbols

Want one for yourself?

Or, if you just want to keep seeing all the magic, follow me @esther.queermystic on Facebook and Instagram.

Angella Johnson
“I’m so glad I got to work with Esther on updating my business logo and icons for my main programs I offer. I was lacking a cohesive connection within my brand and everything needed a refresh. Esther took my suggestions and created some updated images that I’m excited to use. I love how everything feels like me, yet more polished and connected.”
Angella Johnson |

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